First consultant. An endocrinologist. A worker in church. Sits in her consulting room, and says to her patient who was attempting to profess his healing. “In this clinic, I am your doctor, and you have to go by my prescription. When we get to church, we can discuss faith and other Bible stuff…”

Second consultant. An orthopaedic surgeon. A pastor. Sits in his consulting room and attempts making a case for Christ after his patient, a Muslim, took his bait, by beginning a discussion about Allah. “I am a doctor, but I believe in the spiritual realm, and it’s obvious you do also. Sickness has a spiritual undertone which is sin, which Jesus dealt with. And your Qu’ran also talks about Jesus…”

Two believers. One two-faced, the other, holistic.

And sadly, I find many two-faced Christians these days. Believers who live their ‘secular’ lives, leaving God out of it, and live their Christ lives leaving their secular activities out of it. They confine God-consciousness to only their quiet time and church services, and live entirely different lives with no trace of Christ during their regular daily activities. 

These two-faced christian folks see it as unprofessional to bring God into work. “Let’s talk politics not Bible.”, some will says. “Christianity should not be mixed with medicine. You have to remain neutral when dealing with your patients.”, some christian medics will maintain. “You don’t understand how the cooperate world works. You need to tip people with cash to open doors.”, some believers would say in defence when reprimanded about giving bribe.

There isn’t supposed to be a dichotomy between the lives we live inside and outside the church. If your fellow work colleagues, with whom you’ve been with for years, have no clue about your christian faith, or your fellow church workers, have no clue about what kind of secular job you do, or your neighbours where you live, have no idea about your faith nor the kind of work you do, then you’re a hypocrite. There should be a superb sync between your church life, work life, and all other lives. In fact, you should have just one life which is Christ.

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see…” says Matthew five sixteen. What light? The light of Christ exuding from your life. Who is to see this light? People. When are they to see it? During your every day activities.

Mind you, I am not saying believers should be mediocre, praying when they should be working, or reading their Bibles when they should be attending to customers. I am only saying you should not box your Christ to church and christian gatherings. You carry God, and God is a spirit. You are born of Him, so you are a spirit. Therefore, all your activities are spiritual. And you should know this. And work with this mindset.

I can’t remember having to introduce myself in any gathering as a Christian. But every single place I have stepped into, complete strangers related with me as a Christian. Some even addressed me as pastor. I was carrying no Bible; wore no clergy attire. I had no badge on my clothes or body. But I have a seal of the Holy Spirit in my spirit, which exudes Christ in my words, actions, and worldview. So whether I am eating amala, or seeing patients, or buying food stuff at the market, people should see Christ and call me a Christian.

“. . . The voice is Jacob’s voice but the hands are the hands of Esau.” Genesis 27:22. This, Isaac said when Jacob deceitfully presented himself as Esau in order to steal his blessing. And many believers are doing the same today. Their voices profess Christ, but their hands are acting worldly.

To be two-faced, is to be a monster. And even you won’t want to behold it. To be one-faced is sane. The face of Christ.


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