I currently have ten core values I live by. They kind of describe my worldview, which are of course based on God’s word. The second of these core values is this: I know and do God’s will. And then, this question may follow. What is the will of God?

I’ve come across a lot of believers who don’t know, or are not sure of what God’s will is. Some have been bedazzled by Bible scholars who spill jargons about this subject that are difficult to comprehend. Others have met other zealous folks who describe one action as God’s perfect will and another as his permissive will, and they are left the more confused. If you don’t understand what the will of God is, you are an unwise person. Or put more bluntly, you are a fool. Mind you, I didn’t call you that. The Bible did.

Ephesians five seventeen says that you should not be unwise or foolish but you should understand what the will of the Lord is. The will of God is one theme that all parts of Scripture talks about in one way or the other. Due to how fundamental and pivotal the knowledge of God’s will is, I would be taking a series of teachings on the subject as God leads me.

If God permits, we would consider the different wills that exist, the nature of God’s will – which is good, acceptable and perfect. We would also consider the overall programme of God, His will for creation, His counsel for the church and His specific will for the believer.

Amidst the discussion, we hopefully will consider how different people perceive God’s will; the right and wrong perceptions. Those whose perception can be described with the rail track analogy, and others whose perception fits the parking lot analogy.

We would hopefully cap up the series by considering how to know God’s will and the dividends of doing His will.

If Jesus sought nothing else but the will of His father (John 5:30), then you can’t, or better put, shouldn’t do otherwise. 

The series promises to be edifying as we seek to know and do God’s will together.


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