I mentioned in the introductory to this study that the teaching of the resurrection of the dead is fundamental and crucial to the christian faith. I want to go further to buttress why.

Apostle Paul used a whole chapter, containing fifty-eight verses to explain to the church in Corinth the importance of the resurrection. That chapter was First Corinthians fifteen. 

There was a lot of ignorance looming in the Corinthian church as regards this matter. There was even a group of folks that believed and taught that there was no resurrection, just like the Sadducees did. Paul had to write this discuss to address it.

He started by reminding them that the doctrine of the resurrection was ingrained in the gospel of Christ. The gospel was simply this – Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day, appeared to many, which were living witnesses, before ascending to heaven. And this was exactly what they preached. So if some Christians were saying there is no resurrection of the dead, then it means they had believed a lie. Because the gospel which they believed says that Christ resurrected. So if Christ never resurrected, the apostles preaching was useless and so was their faith.

He then said that more importantly, if there was no resurrection, they were false witnesses and liers by preaching the gospel. And if Christ wasn’t raised, then we are still in our sins. Those who died as Christians holding on to their faith were eternally lost, and we which are alive, are of all men, most miserable.

These were rather hard statements, made by the apostle. But he made them to drive home his point. The resurrection is an irrefutable fact. It’s not just a speculation or a theory, it has been experienced. Christ first partook of it. He is the first fruit of those who died. He was the first to partake in the resurrection unto life, called the first resurrection. And the church would also partake in it just like Christ did.

So, no resurrection, no christianity. It’s why the Quran, among other things, denies the death and resurrection of Jesus. It says Christ never died on the cross. It was made to appear like He did. And if He never died, He never resurrected. If the Quran had approved of Christ resurrection, it would have been peddling Christianity and the gospel of Christ, and even the Muslims would have been saved.

If this teaching of the resurrection of the dead is this crucial to our faith, then every Believer should be grounded in it, and be ready to give an answer to anyone that asks him of this hope of the resurrection (1 Peter 3:15)


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