Amnon, the eldest son of king David, laid on his bed in his room feigning sick. He had been without food for about three days now because of the raging sexual passion inside him that he couldn’t satisfy. He was strongly attracted to his step-sister, a feeling he found difficult to resist. Her name was Tamar, the younger sister of Absalom, whose stunning beauty all could behold.

Upon counsel of his friend and cousin Jonadab, he was malingering, laying in bed all in a bid to attract his father’s attention, and then his sister’s, seeking occasion to sleep with her. David, being an affectionate father that he was, on hearing that Ammon was sick, came to see him.

“My boy! On hearing that you are sick, I came at once to see you.” David said. “Yes Dad! I’ve been having a fever for three days now and I can’t seem to keep anything down.” replied Ammon. “Sorry dear, just take time and rest. I would send the royal physician to see you later. We know nothing happens by chance. God has a purpose for this.” David admonished. He continued encouraging him, “Take time and seek God’s face and make the right use of this affliction.” David held the hands of his son and prayed with him.

Before leaving, David being an indulgent father asked, “Is there any thing that you will need, that I may procure for you?” “Yes sir! replied the dissembling son, “My stomach is weak, and I know not of any thing I can eat, unless it be a cake of my sister Tamar’s making, and I cannot be satisfied that it is so unless I see her make it, and it will do me the more good if I eat it at her hand.” David saw no reason to suspect any mischief intended. So, he immediately ordered Tamar to go and attend to her sick brother.

Tamar innocently went to her brother’s apartment, not dreading any abuse, in obedience to her father and love for her brother, to be his nurse. She, though being a princess, was a great caterer. She went to his kitchen and kneaded and baked cakes. When it was time to serve Amnon, he asked all his servants to leave, and that Tamar brought the cakes to him in his bedroom. Tamar obliged him, wanting to grant the every wish of her sick brother, her chaste and virtuous soul had not the least thought of that which this polluted beast was full of.

On getting to his bedroom, Amnon did away with his pretence and shoved the food aside. He pulled her by the hand and said, “Come to bed and lie with me, my sister.” Tamar pushed his hands off her, and with surprise and great terror turned to make for the door. Amnon sprang to his feet and dashed to the door, bolting it.

Tamar stood before her brother, trembling. In her widest dream she would not have thought her brother to make a request this demeaning. It was a base affront to her virtue to think it possible to persuade her to consent to this great wickedness. But when she saw how determined he was to satisfy his beastly desires, she resorted to employ reasoning, if by so doing, she could dissuade her brother.

The twine were now standing face-to-face. Tamar stood with the pleading facie and Amnon, set as a beast ready to devour its prey. She reprimanded him, “Brother, you know it is unlawful for you to marry me, much more to debauch me.” She continued, entreating him, “Please do not force me. It is folly and great wickedness. Such abominations should not be committed in Israel – God’s own people.

“For my part, how will I cause this shame to go away? How will I be able to look my friends in the face?” She continued her advocacy, “For your part, you will be looked upon as an atrocious debauchee, the worst of men; you will lose the respect of all and will be set aside as unfit to rule, though the first-born; for Israel will never submit to the government of such a fool.”

To divert him from this wicked intent, she threw her last punchline, “Please speak to the King, he will not keep you from being married to me.” This she said, not believing that the king would consent, but that if only he could let her go for this reason, the king on hearing of this wicked desire will take an effectual course to protect her from him.”

But Amnon, the beast that he had become, will not give in to her persuasion, but will prove himself an unreasonable base villain. He pushed her on the bed, tore her clothes off and forced himself on her, raping her.

After the did was done, he stood up from her. Then Amnon hated her with intense hatred. In fact, he hated her more than the so called love he had for her earlier on. Amnon said to her, “Get up and get out!”

Food for thought: Pleasures of the flesh are deceitful, as soon as they pass away, turn into loathing. 

Scriptural reference (s): 2 Samuel 13:1-19;


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